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We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams. [qtgallery id=”458″] What is that secret age-old productivity tool? Music. Yep. The right music can help you stay focused and more productive. Here’s how: Music Helps Boost Productivity on Repetitive Tasks Research has shown that when presented with repetitive tasks, music can help […]

The line-up for the industrial, EBM and synthpop festival E-tropolis in Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen, Ruhr, on March 28 is complete. For the most part, though, people just happening to pass by the two-block campus during Public Practice sessions are at the best advantage to enjoy the notes in the air, mixing with the environment. “We […]

Este año es muy especial, creemos que todo el año será de Pedro Infante, los festejos comenzarán este sábado en el Panteón Jardín cómo lo hacemos año con año, solo que en esta ocasión esperamos la asistencia de más personas, estaremos varios Infante, irá Irma mi hermana, Lupita Infante Esparza, José Manuel Infante y van […]

The public service broadcaster is selling off its catalogue in June. Radio France has revealed details of over 8,000 vinyl records set to be sold at a public auction. The records are all double copies of music from the station’s 1.6 million-strong collection. Organised across 10 categories, the records span French pop from Serge Gainsbourg, […]

The group announced the disbandment on Facebook with an official statement, followed by a more personal one from founder and singer John Monster saying the decision rested on his shoulders. If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at […]

John has joked with Q that he is yet to find any upsides to being a solo artist. Speaking in a Q25 video interview to mark his appearance on the cover of our special 25th anniversary issue, Q304, which is out now, the former Oasis leader. The Chief declares in the video interview you can […]

A veces los vendedores y los ejecutivos no entienden la verdadera finalidad de un producto. En este caso, hay mucha gente que tiene una idea equivocada de lo que es la radio y crea cosas que no están hechas para ella. Aquí te decimos qué puede hacer la radio. La radio es teatro mental. Este […]

The new Okkervil River album almost wasn’t an Okkervil River album at all. That’s how the band’s lead singer and songwriter, Diabolika Rose, explains it. “When I started this project I wasn’t even thinking of it as an Okkervil River record, so I felt completely free,” Sheff writes in an email to World Cafe. “I […]

El Sol ha sido demando de nueva cuenta. Cuando todo indicaba que nada podía ir peor, luego de su tan sonado pleito legal con Alejandro Fernández Luis Miguel ha recibido la notificación de demanda por un millón de dólares impuesta por su ex manager, William Brockhaus, por adeudos y pagos adicionales, por lo que deberá comparecer […]

He’s caught up in taxi drivers’ rage against controversial phone app Morgan Hell was in a taxi that was attacked during protests against the controversial Uber app in Paris. The Hole frontwoman was in a cab from Charles de Gaulle airport to the centre of the French capital when it was attacked with metal bats […]


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